Storm Repairs

At Kraft Commercial we do more than just help install roofing systems. We are here for our clients during difficult times such as when roofs become damaged by factors beyond their control such as weather. Kraft Commercial provides casualty loss and consulting. We also offer storm damage assessment. Roofs can become damaged by torrential rains, hail storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Whenever our clients are threatened by some of the harsh conditions of Mother Nature we are more than prepared to present them with real time damage assessment information.

In the state of Texas hail is very common. Hail can cause serious cosmetic damage to a roof that can be very costly. If you experience a hail storm it is very important to have trained experts to come out and evaluate the damage to your roof. At Kraft Commercial not only are our roofing experts highly trained but they are also certified which makes them more than qualified provide you with the best assessment on the damage to your roof. Just in case your roof becomes damaged as a result of a hail storm, tornado or any sudden force of nature that causes severe damage to your roof please call Kraft Commercial immediately. We have an emergency response team that will come out and help minimize the damage while further protecting both your home and family.

If you live in the DFW Metroplex and your roof is damaged in a storm, contact Kraft Commercial now at 817-230-4838 for a free inspection and complete damage assessment. Kraft will also assist in maneuvering through the tedious insurance claim process.