PVC Roofing (Poly Vinyl Chloride)

This type of roofing is simpler to process. It normally comes in beige, off white, and white. PVC has certain attributes that makes it stand out from other types of roofing systems. PVC is very energy efficient, it is environmentally friendly, durable, has a great appearance, and is long lasting. Neither moisture nor chemicals will affect a PVC roofing system.

PVC is single ply and is used on flat roofs. It consists of two layers which makes it amazingly strong. Unlike other roofing systems it does not require adhesives and caulks for sealing its seams. They are wind resistant. There are even proven cases of them holding up in Category 3 hurricanes. One of the biggest benefits is that they do not require you to tear down your old roof but it can be installed over your existing roofing system. At Kraft Commercial we believe this is one of several cost-effective routes.

PVC roofs are engineered for strength. Hot air welded seams form a permanent, watertight bond that is actually stronger than the membrane itself. These attributes make PVC stand out from the other roofing systems that are less durable. If the PVC is installed properly it can last at least 20 years requiring very little maintenance. It is energy efficient and will lower both heating and cooling costs. By investing in a PVC roofing system over a period of time you will save lots of money, especially when it comes to maintenance. So consider Kraft Commercial for all of your PVC roofing matters.

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